One Year of Missions

The RadMission celebrates its one year anniversary

Happy Birthday, RadMission! It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a full year since we first introduced our sleek, stylish electric metro bike to the world, but we’ll never miss a chance to celebrate one of our favorite ebikes -- especially since you can get yours for $100 off with the promo code MISSION-100 from now through June 17th, 2021.

So to mark the RadMission’s one-year anniversary, we wanted to revisit some of the reasons this single-speed wonder has become a fan favorite within the Rad Community — and among ebike aficionados across the globe! 


It's a great first ebike ...

A close-up of the RadMission electric metro bike on a city street.

"You know that feeling of relief when you buy something and immediately know that you made the right decision? Solidly built, a perfect fit, and zippy acceleration. This is our first ebike but definitely will not be our last -- and the service at Rad is top-notch. We will buy from them again!" - Paul M., Verified Rad Rider 

... Or your second or third one.

"Third ebike I have owned, and by far the best." - Brian H., Verified Rad Rider



A woman carries her RadMission down the stairs.


It's Rad Power Bikes' most lightweight model ...

"I’m 5’4 and not applying for the Strongest Woman competition any time soon but have no problem bringing the bike, with the rack on the back and the lock chain, up a dozen steps." Katrina Z., Verified Rad Rider

But stronger than you'd think. 

"I was worried about how it might handle the 16 percent grade on my commute, but it chews up the hills will ease. Best purchase I made in years." - Stuart W., Verified Rad Rider


A well-dressed woman poses with her RadMission electric bike.

It's stylish and cool ...

"Fun, quick ebike. It's like a sports car. Easy to build as well. Love the red color too!" - Chris G., Verified Rad Rider

But not too flashy.

"This bike has been the perfect solution for my daily commute. It's functional and light while still fitting my minimalist style. Helps me get around campus and the trails very easily. I highly recommend it!" - Christopher M., Verified Rad Rider



An older woman rides a RadMission down a city street


It's built for anyone ...

"This bike is the most fun I’ve had riding since I was a kid. I’m 66 years old and my knees are shot. I thought I would have to give up biking, but not with the RadMission. This bike is awesome." - Lee P., Verified Rad Rider

But priced for everyone

“I have four ebikes. My Radmission is the least expensive, but it seems it's the one I always throw my leg over." - Dennis W., Verified Rad Rider


A rider looks down at his RadMission with pride in a town square

And most of all, it's just plain fun ...

"I didn’t know bikes could be this fun to ride ..." - Alberto L., Verified Rad Rider

Like, really fun ...

“Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.” - Jennifer H., Verified Rad Rider


It's the RadMission's Birthday, but don't worry about getting it a gift. Instead, consider giving one as a summer gift to the dad or grad in your life. (Or maybe just as a present for yourself. We won't tell.) Enter the promo code MISSION-100 to save $100 on your order through June 17th, 2021.

Go on a Mission!


And don't forget! Accessories make any mission easier to accomplish, whether they're a Front-Mounted Basket or Fenders! Check out our full lineup of electric bike accessories


Reviews are from real customers but have been edited for breadth and clarity. Photos depict actors.

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