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RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru

Electric Commuter Bike


The all-new RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru makes it easier to hop on, hop off, and get going. With an ergonomic frame and European stylings, this is the most comfortable way to reimagine your ride.

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    Technical Specifications

    What Makes the RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru Best in Class?

    Boost Your Range

    We’ve raised the range by 11%. The puncture-resistant tires feature a custom tread that’s more efficient on pavement. More efficiency means more miles per charge!

    Smoother Stops

    Hydraulic disc brakes are perfect for stop-and-go city riding. They provide better stopping power, respond to a lighter touch, and give you more control over your ride.

    Semi-Integrated Battery

    Pops in and out easily, with a 10 LED display to keep an eye on your charge.

    Easy To Operate

    Effortlessly adjust pedal assist and track your stats on this electric commuter bike’s bold new display.

    More Comfort For More Riders 

    The lower standover height gives riders between 4’8”- 6’0” a more ergonomic ride.

    Climb Hills Faster

    The custom 750W geared hub motor climbs hills 40% faster than the RadCity 3 Step-Thru electric commuter bike.

    Rack It Up

    With a 275 lb. payload capacity, you can haul cargo, groceries, or take the kids on a joyride.

    Agile Suspension

    The shorter suspension is designed to let you enjoy more stable rides in urban settings.

    RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bike Technical Specifications

    Accessories For You

    Customize Your Ride
    RadCity 5 Step-Thru electric commuter bike

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    Reflective Safety StickerReflective Safety Sticker
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    ABUS Adaptor ChainABUS Adaptor Chain
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    Cargo StrapsCargo Straps
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    Enhanced Comfort SaddleEnhanced Comfort Saddle
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    Rad Colored PedalsRad Colored Pedals
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    Rad Colored GripsRad Colored Grips
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    Pet Basket CarrierPet Basket Carrier
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    Battery Case OpenBattery Case Closed
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    Large Insulated Delivery BagLarge Insulated Delivery Bag
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    Pet Basket LinerPet Basket Liner
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    Handlebar MittsHandlebar Mitts
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    Small Insulated Delivery BagSmall Insulated Delivery Bag
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    Large Rolltop Basket Liner BagLarge Rolltop Basket Liner Bag
    Large Basket Roll Top Liner
    Rad Roadside tool kitRoadside Tool Kit On Bike
    Roadside Repair Tool Kit
    Bern Hudson HelmetBern Hudson Helmet
    Bern Hudson Helmet
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    You got your comfort, you got your utility. The style has been improved ... the range has been improved.

    What Makes It Special

    • 750W

      Geared Hub Motor

    • Up to 50+

      Miles Per Charge

    • 48V, 14 Ah

      Lithium-Ion Battery

    • 275lb

      Payload Capacity

    Technical Overview

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