Double Down on Fun with the RadRunner 2

Double Down on Fun with the RadRunner 2

Whether its zipping across town, loading up for fun, or taking family and friends along for a ride, there are plenty of reasons the RadRunner has become one of the most popular ebikes in Rad’s ever-growing lineup.

Two years after we debuted this awesome moped-style electric bike, we’re rolling out an update that doubles down on the fun and functionality that made the original a hit.

Just in time for 2022, we’d like to introduce you to the RadRunner 2.

It builds on the classic model by making it even easier to take off on those long trips, thanks to a comfier saddle equipped with over half-an-inch (15 mm) of extra padding.

As for the ride-feel, we’ve kept the simple, single-speed design, four levels of hill-conquering pedal assist, and a throttle that can take you up to 20 mph, but upgraded the head tube to give you even better handling and agility.

And if you’re interested in VIP seating for those very important passengers, you can now add Passenger Bars to the upgraded RadRunner Passenger Package for an extra dose of confidence. It’s only a small taste of the 330+ accessory combinations you can use to customize your ride.

Ready to go find the fun? The RadRunner 2 is in stock now and ready to ship.

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