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  • All ebike models 

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Whether you’re carrying items in your basket or directly on your rack, these stretchable, bungee-style 12” cargo straps can help keep them secure throughout your ride. Available in bright orange for increased visibility. 


  • Approximately 12” (30 cm) long when unstretched
  • Sold in sets of 3
  • Metal reinforced plastic clips
  • Made of bungee strap material
  • Includes a black Rad Power Bikes logo tag


Do not stretch the elastic more than approximately 50% of its unstretched length. Over-stretching can cause this product or your items to slip, break or fall. 

After installation and before your ride, ensure that the cargo strap and your item are firmly secured on your bike by gently tugging the cargo strap and item. The cargo strap and your item should not move or wobble. 

Care Instructions

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