Electric Bikes for Families

Ride together, thrive together. Welcome your new two-wheeled family member today.

Are you a Rad parent looking for an alternative to the SUV life?

These electric bikes for families are built to transport you and your precious cargo safely and comfortably.

They open your family up to more: More time together, more laughter, and more weeeeeees going down the big hill to school. They also mean less —like less parking, less traffic, and less fighting in the backseat.

Haul it All with Electric Bicycles for Kids, Cargo, and More

Take advantage of our impressive payload capacities and load up on groceries, hardware, or even other passengers. With our powerful geared-hub ebike motors, you can carry kids or cargo uphill without breaking a sweat.

I got the RadWagon as a Mother's Day present in May 2017. It is the most amazing present I could ever have gotten. I have 400 miles on it now. The family and I go everywhere on it. School, summer camp, farmer's markets, grocery stores, parks, friend's houses … The opportunities are endless!

Jamie T

The cargo bike allows me to haul all types of things. Brought home a bag of potting soil, a bird feeder, and more. The next day I picked up a sewing machine. Having the motor makes the long uphill stretches a breeze here in the Colorado foothills.

Lorraine G

Customized for You

Electric bikes with child seats, our iconic caboose, and other accessories can transform your family’s bike into the ultimate people-moving machine. Plus, with easy mounting points, you can swap accessories in and out as your family grows up.

We are loving everything about this bike. We got the passenger seat so we can ride our kids around on it. Colors are so much more vibrant on a bike. I just love to see the world from it.


I bought the RadWagon mostly to outfit it with child seats so I could joyride with my young grandkids. This is my first electric bike and I can't imagine how it could be better. The Caboose with one child seat and one Deckpad is perfect for safety and comfort for the grandkids.

Don W

Ebike Kids Have More Fun

Cut back on your carbon footprint, clear up some space in the garage, and have a lot more fun getting from point A to point B. Electric bikes for families open up a world of possibilities.

Purchased this RadRunner to give the kids and I something to look forward to during corona lockdown. We cruise daily, making ordinary lunch and dinner runs an event.

Will F

We live in Bend, Oregon, and bought a RadWagon to take our 4-year-old son to/from preschool. I didn't realize it would become his favorite "toy" and also replace my car as the primary work commuter. Price, value, and quality are all unmatched, but the quality time with my son doing something we both love is priceless.

Justin Y