Bern Tigre Kids' Helmet

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Size: XX-Small
Bern Tigre Kids' Helmet Color
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Designed to keep pint-sized riders safe and comfortable! The Tigre features the same signature Bern look as the Nino helmet, scaled down to securely fit children ages 2 - 5. Kids will love the bright colors and the soft flip visor to shield the sun from their eyes. Parents love the premium construction, secure fit, and simple design. Featuring a simple-but-secure EZ-fit system for adjustment, the Tigre is one size fits most for toddlers.

  • EZ-fit elastic system easily adjusts for a secure and comfortable fit everytime.
  • Soft flip visor helps keep sun out of your child's eyes.
  • Zipmold+ construction and 7 vents provide a lightweight feel, while providing a higher strength-to-weight ratio than in-mold helmets.
  • Securely fits children between the ages of 2 - 5.



In order to find the right bike helmet, you must first find the right size. First you need to measure the circumference of your head, preferably using a tape measure. Alternatively you could use a piece of string. Measure the circumference at the level of your forehead, approximately 1 cm above your eyebrows.


*Product information provided by Bern. 

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